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    Report by Anne Marsden

    Saturday 5th June 2010 was not only possibly one of the hottest days of the year so far, it was also the day of the BMSA Handicapped squash competition.

    On a very warm day we had over 20 players turn up to test their skill against each other. As hoped the players were of all standards and the handicaps ranged from minus 30 (yes minus 30!) to plus 10. The games were played using American scoring, which means that every shot scores a point. It was the best of one game with the first player to get 15 point winning the game.

    Anyone who was knocked out in the first round of the competition was automatically put into a secondary competition known as ‘the Plate’.

    There were some really close fought games but they were all played in a splendid atmosphere and very few of the markers decisions were seriously disputed!

    In the main competition the semi finals were Richard Smith (-22) versus Gavin Burton (-15) Alan McDonald (-30) versus Rob Rowbotham (-15). The final took place between Gavin Burton and Alan McDonald with Alan finally coming out as the main winner.


    In the Plate competition the semi finals were Geoff Davis (-6) versus Dave Matthews (-10) and Colin Gallow (-28) versus Tim Farmer (0). The final was between Geoff and Colin with Colin as the final winner.


    The competition was kindly sponsored by Specsavers and the winner each won an engraved silver salver and a Squash racquet and the losers were each given a Squash bag for their kit.

    The squash section would like to thank everyone who turned up and took part, especially to those who came to watch and ended up marking some of the games! We do like to feel that everyone can get involved!!