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2019 Golf Club Venues 2019

2019 Committee

2018 BMGS Peter Mac Spring Cup

2018 BMGS Captains Sheild

2018 BMGS Basil Jervis Plate

2018 BMGS Autumn Cup

2018 BMGS Late Autumn Medal


2018 Committee

2018 Golf Club Venues 2018

2017 Committee

2017 BMGS Peter Mac Spring Cup

2017 BMGS Captains Sheild

2017 BMGS Basil Jervis Plate

2017 BMGS Autumn Cup

2017 BMGS Late Autumn Medal

2016 Committee

2016 BMGS Peter Mac Spring Cup

2016 BMGS Captains Sheild

2016 BMGS Basil Jervis Plate

2016 BMGS Autumn Cup

2016 BMGS Late Autumn Medal

2015 Committee

2015 BMGS Peter Mac Spring Cup

2015 BMGS Captains Sheild

2014 Committee

2014 BMGS Peter Mac Spring Cup

2014 BMGS Captains Sheild

2014 BMGS Basil Jervis Plate

2014 BMGS The Autumn Cup

2014 BMGS Late Autumn Match






Which is affiliated to Burton Manor Sports Association (BMSA)
The Society was formed in 1990.
The committee consists of:
Current Captain
Past Captain
Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Secretary
Match & handicap Sec.
Aims Of The Society.
‘To provide a forum where members can experience the company of like minded people to participate in the joys of golf and its associated pleasures.’
Competitions were established for up to five events per year, and they comprise of either Single or Doubles Stapleford Competitions, played in drawn four ball groups, depending on the numbers attending.
The format usually comprises of players meeting at the chosen Golf Club on Friday mid -day, a snack is provided on arrival, and the draw will take place followed by an 18 hole Stapleford Competition.
After the match there will be a cooked meal, followed by the Presentation of the appropriate  Cup, Plate, Shield or medal with prizes, which are usually for:
First – Second & Third place, ‘Nearest the Pin’ & ‘The Longest Drive’
a ‘First Birdie’ competition is usually played at each match and the winner gets the cash prize from the total £1 paid by each participating player.
All members of the BMGS also need to be at least a paid up Social members of the BMSA for that current year.
Full BMGS handicaps will apply, and new members or guests will be allowed their own individual Golf Club Handicap.
Guests are most welcome, but will not be eligible for prizes, as our objective is to encourage new members into the Golf Society & BMSA.
The normal rules of Golf apply and attention must be paid to the ‘Local rules’ that may apply at the Golf Club match venues
Code of dress: normal smart golfing attire for the match
Presentation and Evening Meal – Usually Smart Casual and no Jacket and Tie required unless any particular club rules apply, members will be advised before the event.
The ‘Peter Mac’ Spring Cup
Originally The Spring Cup was renamed in 2006 In memory of the late Peter MacDonald, our good friend, a founder member of the Society, and also for other members that have sadly passed away.
An individual singles competition with full stableford BMGS handicap
This match is usually played in April each year
The Captain’s Shield
An individual singles competition with full stableford BMGS handicap
This match is usually played in June each year
Golf Course venue chosen by the current Captain
The Basil Jervis Plate.
This match is usually played in July each year.
A drawn Doubles Competition
The plate was donated in 1990 to the Burton Manor Golf Society by the late
Basil Jervis who was the Steward for many years of BMSA
and is associated with his memory and that of the late BMSA Secretary Pat Tucker.
The Autumn Cup.
This match is usually played in early September each year
An individual singles competition with full stableford BMGS handicap
 The Autumn Medal                                                                                                                           renamed in 2016 from the Late Autumn Match
An extra late fixture, played at a local course usually in October each year, and subject to the weather conditions.
There is also a running ‘Club Champion’ Competition which is selected by adding the individual player’s best total of stableford points scored over any 3 matches during the year.
All Venues will be posted on a list at Burton Manor Sports Association Club house notice board at least 4 weeks before the actual event with full details of location and costs etc.

Anyone wishing to play should add their name to the list, or contact the                       Hon. Club Secretary (see below) at least 2 weeks before the match day.
For further information contact:
Stuart Mace, Hon. Secretary:
01785 282357 or Mobile Number 0785 4094299
Email: stuartmace18@gmail.com.


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