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BOWLS 2009

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    Clive Weatherall Trophy........4th November

    Newsletter Number 2........24th April.

    Newsletter Update Saturday 21st March.

    Team News 2009 Tuesday 3rd March.

    Annual General Meeting 2009 AGM Tuesday 3rd March.

    Club Officials and Team Captains ........by Bruce Lumsden

    Indoor Bowls Indoor Bowls League 2008-2009...



    Contributions to the newsletter will always be welcome as long as it has a slight bowls reference. The format is very flexible. Photographs can be handled in most formats, and prints can be scanned. Please send your efforts to:

    Bruce Lumsden Bowls Newsletter Editor brucelumsden@yahoo.co.uk Tel 01785 211584





    Ladies A Monday team,Winners of Division 2 and promoted to Division 1



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