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    Bruce Lumsden



    Spring Newsletter, May 2010


    Annual General Meeting
    Monday Ladies Pre-Season Dinner
    Ladies 2010 Rose Bowl Competition

    Vets team first game
    55 team first game
    Clive Weatherer first round games (Monday Ladies)
    A blast from the past!

    Annual General Meeting

    The AGM was held at Stafford Grammar School on Tuesday, 2nd March 2010. Chris Fields, who had been in the chair for the last 10 years decided to “hang up his boots”. Unfortunately, Chris was unable to attend and receive the formal thanks from the meeting but Alan Hancock, on behalf of the bowls members, thanked Chris for his time and commitment to the role during his tour of duty. Alan also presented the Chairman’s report on behalf of Chris.
    In his place, the meeting proposed Dave Pearson as Chairman and that was unanimously accepted.
    Following the Secretary’s report by Alan Hancock and the Treasurer’s report by Ken Allcom, the team captains for the forthcoming season were elected:
    Monday Evening Ladies A team Pauline Dunn
    Monday Evening Ladies B team Marion Pearson
    Wednesday Afternoon Veterans Lorna Webster
    Thursday Afternoon Over 55 Margaret Glaister
    Thursday Evening Cannock League Graham Stokes
    Friday Night Alan Hancock
    Saturday Anne Burge
    The match fees were raised to £1 after much discussion.

    The Club competitions for the year were arranged as follows:

    Rose Bowl Sunday 11th April
    John Hall Trophy (Handicap Singles) Sunday 27th June
    Pat Hall Trophy (Average Winners) To be arranged

    Alan then reviewed the season past and congratulated all the teams on their performances, particularly the Ladies A team on being runners up in Division 1 and winning the Clive Weatherer Trophy, the Friday team on their promotion to Division 2 also as runners up and the Saturday team on their 3rd place in Division 2. The trophy and average winners were presented their prizes by Dave Pearson, who was later seen wiping the various shades of lipstick off his cheeks. Full details of the 2009 season are attached.

    Manor Indoor Bowls Finale

    The Manor Indoor Bowls season came to the end of its season on Wednesday 31st March 2010 when the final rounds were played at Stafford Grammar School. This was followed by a social evening and the presentation of prizes by Alan Hancock, who organises the indoor bowls, in the Manor’s splendid new clubhouse.
    In Division 1, first and second last year reversed with Alan Waddison and Nick Williams winning by a 3 point advantage over Sandra Parsons and Chris Robinson. Our own Anne and Graham Burge were third, 4 point adrift, with last year’s promoted pair of Tony and Carol Knowles a further 2 point behind.
    In Division 2, the Helen Punchard and B Handley won after leading for most of the year but a late run form Lorna Webster and Margaret Glaister reduced the deficit to 3 points. Ernie and Barbara Aston, who had been in contention for most of the season, suffered a slump in form towards the end of the season and ended in 3rd place.

    Monday Ladies Pre-Season Dinner

    The Monday Ladies Pre-Season Dinner was held at the Crown in Hyde Lea, on the April. This was arranged by the A and B captains, Pauline Dunn, who remembered it this year and exceeded all expectations by arriving early, and Marion Pearson and, as is custom, spouses and gentlemen friends were also invited. A jolly time was had by all as can be seen from the accompanying photographs.

    Ladies Rose Bowl Competition 2010

    The Ladies Rose Bowl competition was held on Sunday 11th April. The 12 ladies who entered were:
    Mary Holland, Pauline Dunn, Anne Burge, Michele Dale, Linda Arrowsmith, Anne Onions, Margaret Glaister, Lynn Lyne, Bev Dale , Maggie Lumsden and Betty Summers.
    The competition was arranged as a round robin where each entrant played against all the others over 7 ends with the individual scores being accumulated. The winner was the bowler with the highest overall scorer. This meant that each lady would play 77 ends and 154 bowls, no mean task on a cold and blustery day. The Manor ground was not in the best of condition, either, with lots of moss present, giving a heavy, spongy and bouncy surface. As a result, Betty decided to retire after 3 rounds and left the remaining 11 to fight it out.
    After not featuring on the leader board in the early rounds, Anne Burge then had a purple patch and won with a total score of 68, easily ahead of Lorna Webster on 61. There was a scrabble for the 3rd place, which ended as a tie between Maggie Lumsden and Pauline Dunn. The prizes were presented by Dave Pearson, the new chairman (see pictures).
    One feature of the day was the use of the score board, run by Bruce Lumsden, which kept all the players abreast of the competition as it evolved.

    Wednesday Veteran League - First Game

    Having been promoted to the 1st division, the Wednesday Vets had a first tough game against Victoria Park B and so it proved with only Helen Moore, with a new set of bowls gifted by her husband, gaining a victory. Two of the other games, however, were keenly contested, resulting in relatively narrow defeats, so the captain, Lorna Webster, was not entirely disappointed.
    55 Thursday Afternoon League - First Game
    Although this was a home game, the inclement weather and poor surface had kept most of the players away from the green. The home advantage was therefore somewhat diminished and the Manor again only won two games, a doubles and a single. The doubles win was, however, quite significant because Bruce Lumsden was paired with Betty Crichton, a new member who had only played indoor bowls previously and arrived too late to practice on the green. At one point, the Manor pair were down 13 -19, but recovered to win 21 -19. Graham Stokes made the score slightly more respectable with a narrow but well deserved win in the final game by 21- 20

    Monday Evening Ladies

    The league begins on the 7th June. Other dates for the diary are:
    Sunday 13th June – Triples Competition at Burton Manor with registration at 1.15pm and a start at 1.30pm;
    Sunday 1st August – Iris Walker Doubles Competition at Alsom;
    Monday 16th August – League Doubles
    Monday 23rd August – League Singles
    Monday 6th September – Clive Weatherer Semi-Finals
    Sunday 12th September – Joan Ralph Trophy
    Monday 13th September – Clive Weatherer Final

    Clive Weatherer Handicap Trophy

    The Clive Weatherer Handicap Trophy began on Monday 19th April with the A team defending the Trophy at Universal B and the B team at home against Stafford A.
    The A team won, losing only one game on what was a bitterly cold evening. It was just as well it didn’t rain because Universal have dismantled their hut in preparation for a new Portacabin with toilet and kitchen facilities but have arranged to do this during the bowls season, for one reason or another. Bad form!
    The B team also had a successful night; each team had 3 winners but Manor B won on shots even before the handicap was applied. Stafford A are in the 1st division of the league so this was a great coup for Marion Pearson’s team. The winners were Helusia Hancock, Betty Summers and in the doubles, Bev Dale and Mary Holland, on her debut with the B team.

    Stafford Saturday Bowls League

    The matches begin on the 24th April with Burton Manor in Division 2.
    Dates for the diary are:
    Saturday 15th May – triples at Silkmore Lane;
    Saturday 10th July – Individual Merit at Universal;
    Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd August – Doubles Merit at Stafford Bowling Club;
    Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th August – George Hier challenge Trophy at Amasal;
    Saturday 4th September – Autumn Handicap held on neutral greens;
    Saturday 19th September - Presentation evening at Universal Sports and Social Club.

    A Blast from the Past

    The two pictures attached show some current members looking slightly younger and more sprightly than they do today together with other members who have since retired or joined other clubs. What happened to the Sprostons? If you can provide any further information on the pictures, please contact the Newsletter Editor at rbrucelumsden@yahoo.co.uk.