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  • John Hall Trophy Competition 2012


    Alan Hancock


    Tuesday 14th August.

    Having just witnessed Team GB complete their highly successful two weeks at the London Olympics, the spotlight turned on the Manor for yet another exciting and highly skilful bowls competition.

    The weather forecast was totally wrong and we enjoyed a hot, sticky sunny evening with the green running well.

    Early rounds were fiercely contested resulting in the four semi finalists, Jan vs. Anne, and Graham vs. Roger continuing to display their talents. The end result being a repeat of the 2011 competition final Roger vs. Anne.

    The final again provided excellent bowling from both players with good woods going unrewarded by even closer winners from both contestants. Eventually with the light beginning to dim, the midges biting everything that moved, or perhaps the lights from the bar proving to be a distraction, Roger retained his trophy.

    An enjoyable evening with good bowling from all concerned.

    We look forward to 2013 and the members are keen to challenge Rogers attempt to win it for a third year, when he wants to retain the trophy for good! The bowls committee just might have a different view on that idea!

    Well done to all.